Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Easy-E's New Ride

Let me preface this by saying - We cannot go into a toy store with the intention of just walking around.  That was the plan last week...and we left with this:

And an up close shot so you can see just how freaking happy this trike makes him :)

I made these cookies 2 weekends ago.  SO good.  Great texture, pretty spectacular flavor...and they come together by dirtying only one mixing bowl!  Score.

I also made this Saag Aloo over that same weekend.  I'd never had it, but the recipe jumped out at me one day and I'm so glad it did.  It's great.  I did add extra garam masala and used an extra potato...but aside from that, the recipe was perfect as-is.  We ate it with warm naan, and I think next time we'll try rice instead - just to switch it up.