Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Tomatoes, & Wool and Swimming Pictures!

Mmmm.  Chocolate Cherry Tomatoes are good.  I'd definitely recommend them for your gardens next year.  Very thin skin, sweet, and super pretty.  A+, indeed.

I'm on the hunt for more wool covers for Easy-E.

His little bottom just refuses to stay clear unless I only keep him in wool covers or his bamboo diapers.  It's a good thing I've been putting off buying bigger sized PUL covers.  Finally, my procrastinating has paid off!

I've also found that his bottom seems to really like his Motherlove Diaper Rash and Thrush cream.  Naturally, it's like 3 times the price of the other cloth-diaper-friendly creams that we've got...but it keeps the rash at bay.  Thankfully, I can alternate between that and his CJ's BUTTer, which is almost the same thing AND I've got a bunch of it, and we're staying pretty clear.  Poor kid's got some sensitive skin.

If Ezra ever finds out how much I talked about his butt, he's going to be really mad at me.  Like, I'm probably going to end up in a bad nursing home when I get old, kind of mad.

We got together with a couple of Ezra's friends this weekend.  Thankfully, one family has access to a pool...which means Ez got to go swimming!  We tried out a kiddie pool and he was not thrilled.  We weren't quite sure how he'd fare in the real thing.  Turns out, he loves it :)

And here's some pictures we took:

Ez was really excited on the way there!

 It was a baby pool-looza!

 This was his reaction when some girls in bikinis walked in...

 Me and my E-Z Rider hanging out in our floatie

We kind of took over the whole pool...


 Ez and his dad...

 He thought he wanted to dive out of my arms :)