Sunday, July 17, 2011


We took Ezra to his first Pride Parade on Saturday!

He loves attention, I like to be outside, it was a gorgeous (albeit very warm) was just great all around.

Here's me and Ez walking to the parade.  There were A LOT of people, so parking was pretty tough.  Turns out, parking a mile away isn't so bad when your kid can stay busy by trying to rip your hair out :)

Here's some of the floats from this year...

I realize this doesn't look too impressive, but these guys had a whole choreographed routine to N*Sync's Bye, Bye, Bye :)

Roller derby girls!

Yep, a giant shoe.  It was glorious.

Some pirates came to join in the fun...

And even a couple local churches got in the spirit :)

Heeeeeere's Ezra!  Oh, and Jordan too.
And here's my favorite.

 My fingers are crossed...

Just take it all in.  The Neuter Scooter...which is on Normal Street...showcasing it's Spay Pride.  Could it be much better?

I'm not sure what this guy or his awesome bike had to do with the parade, but he definitely deserved to have his picture taken.  And admired.

Ez had so much, he fell asleep as we started walking back to the car.

So we decided to stop and grab some iced coffee and let him get his nap on while we cooled off.

A funny poster hanging in the coffee shop.

This coffee shop was pretty great, too.  We drive by it at least a couple times a week but have never been in.  Normally, my jaw drops at the price most coffee houses charge for a I try to just make it at home and keep my jaw right where it belongs :)  But, Industrial Grind Coffee turned out to be an inexpensive, super-friendly, awesome place.