Monday, July 4, 2011

Granny Lydia Goes to the Zoo!

Today was Jordan's mom's first day here...and seeing as how it's a holiday weekend, a Sunday, and a very warm day, we decided to head to the zoo.  Great idea, right?

Honestly, I'm surprised Jordan didn't toss anyone into the animal enclosures.  He almost body checked a family of 5 for cutting in line just walking in.

Ezra did really well.  He was pretty happy and managed to stay awake for the whole 3.5 hours we were there :)

Here's some pictures of our adventures...

As always, we started the day off with some naked-Ezra-time.  Well, half-naked-Ezra-time.  The half the counts :)  Granny Lydia combed his hair.  Looks a little like Hannibal Lector, huh?  Yep.  Creeps a bit.

They got some rocking chair time in while I was getting ready.  Ez loves to rock.  And roll.

Ezra was having a great time pulling Jordan's hair and looking at animals.

Here he is examining his dad's eye.'s good.

He was a happy kid after his lunch of mama's milk and some peaches.  Yum-O.

Ez likes the petting zoo.  It's just like at home, but at the zoo, the goats don't jump off the couch to try to get away from his ninja-grip.
And it smells a little better at home.  A little.

I just really like the side-eye Jordan is giving this little girl.  I'm thinking she's not really a threat to the kid, but he's just a little over-vigilant.

And finally Ezra with his Granny Lydia...and a very friendly goat.  He seems to really like the goats.  And his Grandma.