Friday, July 1, 2011

Is that a...bear? Nope, it's just Ezra.

My child turned into a bear.  A crazy, not-sleeping, fussy bear.  But a cute one.  Always so damn cute :)

He refused to sleep, then refused to stay asleep and wanted to be up for some serious playtime all night long.  I kept wondering how in the hell I survived being up all day and all night for the first 3 months...because I was about to start getting just as fussy as Ez ;-)

I have no idea what caused him to turn into a little monster child for 2 days.  No idea.  I was getting nervous that this was going to turn into a full-on, week-long phase...just a couple days before Grandma Lydia comes for a visit.  That would've been awesome.  Hey!  Welcome to California!  Meet your grandson...but don't you dare put him down or stop playing for even a second or else he's going to get mad!

He also refused to nap until he was super-crazy tired.  That makes for a happy kid.  

Thankfully, he fell asleep last night (late, but still before midnight)...and stayed asleep until a very decent, makes-mom-happy-hour.  My sweet, almost-always-happy, smiley baby is back.  {sigh}  It was only temporary.  {double sigh}

This little hiccup only served to remind me how awesome my kid truly is.  He's so easy (true to his name...Easy-E) and sweet and fun.


Here's a picture of Ez from a couple days ago.  He got the first chocolate cherry tomato that came ripe...and he loved it.