Monday, July 4, 2011

Happy Fourth of July!

We waited all morning for Ezra to take his nap.  All.  Morning.  The kid refused...but remained in a good mood despite his lack of sleep.

So we headed out to IKEA for some stuff.  Naturally, Ez was asleep within a couple minutes.  As we made our way to the checkout, we came across an unfortunate clothing situation.

Just a reminder - in case you were thinking of wearing a little, backless number...with a bra...out for a day of shopping, you will likely be photographed for a little segment I like to call:

Don't you own a mirror/Why did your friends let you leave the house with that on?

In today's edition, we have a common offense that has been taken to an extreme.  You see, I understand that you may not have the body you did 3 years ago.  Things happen.  But backfat should be contained, my friend.  I've got some lovehandles that I'm too lazy to deal as a courtesy to others, I do not wear midriff-revealing tops.  You're welcome.

Yes, that's Jordan & a sleeping Ez in the foreground.  The offender is above them.  Yowza.

 And, at long last...heeeeeerrrreeee's Ezra!

He was having a great time playing with his Granny Lydia.  He laughs and loves to show her all of his toys and how they work :)

And this last one is special.  It's of Jordan.  And Ezra's Around We Go toy.  And of Jordan's alcoholic beverage resting comfortably in the sippy-cup-holder of Ez's toy.  
Yep.  You can almost hear the banjos playing, can't you?

I would like to point out that he's eating some of my amazing baked mac & cheese with broccoli.  Nutritious?  No.  Requested and delicious?  Definitely.

Also, rest assured that Ezra was napping and nowhere near the beverages that his dad was enjoying.