Tuesday, July 19, 2011

In The Army Now

We've got ourselves a hyper-speed army-crawler!  He started it about 3.5 weeks ago and he's just been going at full speed, nonstop for the past week.  The.  Kid.  Is.  Into.  Everything.


I just have to turn my head to grab my water bottle and BAM!  He's in the kitchen.

Or playing with the wall-heater knob.

Or the surge protector for the TV.

Or anything else he shouldn't be.

This, my friends, is the end of an era.  An era when I knew where my kid would be if I turned my back for a second.  Or at least I knew the general area he'd be in.  Now?  It's anyone's guess.

I'm tired just thinking about it.

Plus, he likes to look back when I call his name, then giggle at me, turn back and crawl away faster.  I'm telling you, if it wasn't so damn cute....

I'll try to get a quick video of him on the move.  Check back later.

And now, because of all of this, I'm awaiting the arrival of his brand new baby play yard gate.  I got the extra panels to make it bigger so he'd feel more like we're gating things off from him rather than gating him in to a smaller area.  Did I think that one through too much?

Either way, we're about to have our very own Baby Thunderdome right in our living room :)

Here's some pictures I took a little while ago and forgot to share...

This one is Ez's first time sitting in a highchair!  He all-out refused it during the first part of Lydia's visit here and demanded to be held the whole time ;-)  But at El Indio?  He loved it...and he even made friends with a guy who thought Ez was just amazingly cute.  He's mid "ooooooooooo!" here.

Here's a sleeping Ez shot.  Sometimes I forget what he looks like sleeping....like at 2:30am when he's ready to party down...

We had to stop at the grocery store for a few things...when we came across this magical automobile...

The owner was hanging out right beside it and seemed genuinely happy to have his masterpiece photographed - we weren't just creepy people taking pics of other people's cars :)

And finally, here's a cute one.