Wednesday, November 3, 2010

6 weeks

Ezra's official weigh-in today didn't go near as well as the last one. He's up to 8lbs, .5oz. Not even close to what we were expecting. How can a kid who nurses ALL day and night not be a little fatty-bo-batty by now, you ask? I have no idea. I know I'm exhausted from feeding him so much. Apparently we have a disconnect somewhere. Next week will be better. Let's all think happy-fat-baby thoughts this week and maybe that'll help :-) All together now...

Angela has finally made it back to San Diego. It's about damn time, too. It sucks when someone so great is always so far away...and I'm super happy to have her back -- even if it is only for a couple days. My new mission (aside from bulking up the babe) is to find her a great job out here so she has to move back. For good. No more of this talk of living in Texas. Who the hell lives in Texas by choice?

Ezra is pleased to have another person fawning over him. I think he likes the attention from someone other than Mama. He turns on the charm. He's a charmer.

In other news, we've officially booked our flights to Maine for Christmas. It's on, folks. Get ready. Ezra is taking the Northeast by storm, beginning on December 21. I don't think Dad has any idea what he's in for. The cuteness is overwhelming :-)

Next to book -- tickets to Texas for Jenna & Travis's wedding. We may be staying for an extra day if we can book some time with the fabulous Cesar and/or Tanya (our wedding photogs) for a session with Ezra. He's too cute not to document and they take the most amazing photos ever. EVER.

Here's what you really came here for. I mean, let's be honest. Even my own mother only looks at the pictures these days...