Sunday, November 28, 2010

Sunday Fun-day!

Ezra took his first trip to the zoo today. He stayed awake until we got to the warthogs and meerkats, which means about 20 minutes. But at least he got a good nap out of it. And I had my very own personal space heater attached to me to keep me toasty. Check it out...

And here's what we saw as we made our way up Sun Bear Trail.
It's exactly what you think it is. That's love, folks.

Later, the same guys gave me a look that almost made me delete that last photo. Almost.

Easy-E decided to wake up when I took him out of his super-cozy cocoon of warmth. So naturally I documented the occasion.

Promotional shot for the Cutest Little Boy in the World contest. Let's be honest, he'd totally win.

Smiley Ezra.

And finally, Gangsta Ez.
Or sleepy Ezra, depending on how you look at it...and depending on what neighborhood we're driving through.