Thursday, June 23, 2011

A Funny

I've mentioned before that I'm morally opposed to WalMart.  

That will not stop me from laughing hysterically whenever this commercial comes on.  I mean, seriously.  These little girls are freakin hilarious. 

A couple of my chocolate cherry tomatoes are almost ripe!  I'm pretty psyched about that.  It almost makes up for the disappointment that my big beef tomatoes are bringing.  I should say in, singular.  Eh.  
Here's a couple pictures I've been holding on to -- 

Oh hey!  I like peas!

And here's a sweet one from Father's Day evening.  Ez woke up while I was getting ready for bed, so Jordan rocked him back to sleep.  Notice the amount of sweat on Ezra's head...the kid is a space heater in a baby.