Sunday, June 12, 2011

Sundays were made for parks

Not too much was happening around town this morning/afternoon, so we took the opportunity to let Brodie enjoy some time at the dogpark.  Which, of course, means time for Ez to enjoy watching some dogs enjoy their time at the dogpark ;-)

First, he pulled the blanket back so he could dig, scratch and pull the grass.

 He then took a break from ripping the grass from the earth to watch some dogs play.  Ez loves dogs.

Shortly after I took this, a cocker spaniel mix came over, smelled us and our blanket...and promptly squatted and peed.  The owner was pretty embarrassed, but hey, it's a dog park.  Pee happens.

Here's Brodie.  Dude's getting old.  He managed to run around a bit but it wasn't too long before he was looking for a nice, soft, cool spot to lay down.  

Jordan and Ezra had a bit of a Lion King moment...

Then they had a color lesson with the jacaranda tree.  It's become quite a habit to stop and talk about all the different colors we see when we go out for walks and to the park.  The kid is on his way to becoming a world-renowned horticulturist.

Ez was looking rather ginger against the green grass.

 And what day at the park would be complete without a little upside-down time?

After a little lunch for Ezra and some running/fetching/humping time for Brodie, we walked around Southpark for a bit.  Ez managed to fall asleep (yay nap!), so it was a total win.  During our stroll, we noticed an empty building with some Stone Brewery logos and fliers.  Turns out, I think they're opening up a brewpub there.  Pretty freakin awesome.  Looks like we may be resuming our house-hunt, with a focus on Southpark again ;-)