Thursday, June 9, 2011

A taste of June Gloom

We experienced some June Gloom today.  Grey all day.  No sunshine.  Eh.  

Really though, we've been having such amazing weather for months that I truly can't complain.  I mean, it was still hovering right around 68 degrees, so it was still pretty great.  We didn't even have our typical May Grey, save for a couple of not-quite-as-spectacular days.  The only reason I'm only a little umphy about it is because I couldn't sun Ez's diapers today.  No sun = stained diapers...temporarily.
Ez got to spend some time soaking up the love of his adoring fans at the office & salon today.  Dude, that kid is like a magnet.  People can't help but love up on him :)  And I managed to get a haircut from the amazing Eddie.  Double win.  

Here's Jordan tickling Ez...the kid was

 And here's my wild-haired little munchkin.  That smile, man.  It kills me dead :)