Saturday, March 26, 2011


Being on the east coast, I decided to take advantage of the time difference.  I've maintained the beginning of the bedtime routine at about 7pm.  Granted, he's not asleep until 1am most nights, but he's at least getting up around 9:30. 
I'm hoping this keeps up when we get back home...I'd much rather be enjoying some Ezra-in-the-morning-time rather than Ezra-at-2am-time. 

Here's a few shots from bedtime a couple nights ago...

He looks rather defiant here, huh?

But defiance doesn't get you too far once you fall over.

Then it was happy-screaming-time.

Check out those rosy cheeks!  They go perfectly with the TWO bottom teeth that have poked their way through those poor little gums of his :) 

In all seriousness, this kid is taking teething like a champ.  He has an occasional 3-second squeal at random times during the night, but he doesn't even fully wake up for it & he's back to snoozin' away.  So, if you're keeping score, it's Ezra 1, Teeth 0.

That's my boy.