Thursday, March 24, 2011

Rain, Rain, Go Away

Maryland is rainy.

I managed to forget that little bit of information when packing for this impromptu little trip.  Flip-flops in March?  Yeah, only in SoCal apparently.

It is nice to see rain and not be worried that half of your city is going to end up flipping out on the freeway because of it. 

So, we made it here relatively unscathed.  Ez did have a bit of a freak out for about 2 minutes at the beginning of our cross-county journey.  I swear to you, every passenger within a 6 seat radius turned to stare as he was shrieking.  Thanks a lot, a-holes. 

No, but really, he had that minor outburst and that was it.  The two guys I was sandwiched between (yep, we missed family-boarding & got stuck in a middle seat) were awesome.  They played with him, talked to him, and one of them even offered to be my bodyguard should any of the other passengers get pissy (when Ez was freaking out).  Nice guy.  He had some grandbabies of his own and he was more than happy to help me entertain Ez when he woke up.

Oh, one of my bags (the one with all my clothes & Ez's diapers) went to Newark.  I got it 2 days later.  While Southwest customer service was pretty great, the local guys that I had to deal with to find my bags -- a little less than stellar.  Actually, they weren't that bad - just impossible to get ahold of.  And when you have 8 diapers, you need to get someone on the horn, you know? 

But hey, at least I didn't have to pay for my bags, right?  I'm looking at you, all other major airlines except for Southwest and JetBlue ;-)

Guess who came over to visit?  That's right, kids.  Angela!

She even stuck around for bathtime & coconut oil massage time! 

And just for fun, here's Mango.  Notice that her eyes go in opposite directions.  The dog's not right.

And here's a quick shot of me and Ez the day after we got here.