Tuesday, March 29, 2011


Unpacking is the worst.

On the bright side, my mother is awesome and washed all Ezra's diapers and all of our clothes the morning we left.  That makes life SO much easier.  Now if only she could fly here to help me put every little thing away ;-)

The dogs seemed moderately pleased to see me and Ez last night.  I think they were just as excited to see Jordan, so maybe they didn't even realize we were gone.  You know, aside from the near constant (loving) assault from Easy-E and the long, leisurely walks around the neighborhood.

I've come to the conclusion that Ezra was meant to travel.  The kid is amazing on flights, makes friends with everyone around him, sleeps, plays & eats like a champ.  Seriously, women come up to us in the bathroom after the flight to tell me that until they saw him, they had no idea he was even there & how great of a traveller he is.

My kid is made of awesome.

Here's some pictures I took while we were in MD that I haven't shared yet.  Editing on my own computer is about 93% easier.  I <3 mac.

Ez has been chewing on everything...including my camera cord.

Here's my boy, all cozied up for another shopping trip with Grandma!

Here's a cute picture of my very good friends, Adam & Lorianne, little girl.  She was just too cute - so rambunctious, snuggly & smiley.

And these are just a few of the pictures I took while cruising around Southern Maryland.  You know, growing up, I didn't think much of the old, sometimes very run-down barns throughout the county.  Now, I find them incredibly charming.