Thursday, March 17, 2011

Call me crazy

(I'll preface this by saying that whatever we might experience here isn't even a drop in the bucket compared to the devastation our neighbors in Japan are experiencing.  Not even worthy of a comparison.)

I'm a chiropractor, I've been called worse ;-)

We turned on the news last night and heard about that lovely plume headed our way from the reactor in Japan.  It'll be over SoCal by Friday evening.  So, I booked a flight for me & Ez for Friday morning to DC/MD.

Go ahead, call me crazy.  I'm just not willing to let Easy-E be exposed, even if it's minor, if there's something I can do about it.  And thanks to my mother, a last-minute trip to MD is the thing we're doing about it.

Jordan & the dogs are all set to hunker down for a day while it's at it's worst.  They're also ready to drive eastward toward my brother's place, should something else happen.

I know some reports say that it'll be dispersed to nothing by the time it reaches the west coast.  Other reports are saying it'll be hanging out here for a couple days while dispersing over our beautiful city.  I'd rather err on the side of crazy caution and go ahead and get Ezra outta town for awhile.

So that's where that is.

In other news, I've got some pictures of Mini-Man from the past few days that are just itching to be shared :)