Friday, March 11, 2011

Sunny days are made for the zoo

Ez and I spent the afternoon at the zoo today.  The weather was absolutely perfect and we got to see a lot of the animals that are normally sleeping each and every time that we visit.  Well, I got to see them...Ezra fell asleep while we were checking out the elephants.  I was about to have someone get a picture of us when I realized he was already snoozing, so here's a shot of just the elephants instead.

Have no fear, I have other pictures of Ezra.  It's really a wonder my camera hasn't gone on strike yet.

I don't think I shared this one with the rest of the bunch it was taken with, but it's just too cute not to.  He looks like he just saw Santa, Mickey Mouse and Sofia Vergara all at once.  Plus, he's about to rip out two fistfulls of Jordan's hair...and that's funny, right?


I like to take pictures of food.  Blame it on my love for Ree Drummond, aka, Pioneer Woman.

I absolutely love portabella (or portobello, if you prefer) burgers.  LOVE.  This intense love is mostly due to the usual gobful of feta cheese piled on top.  Because half of what I needed for these lovelies was on sale at Henry's, I decided to add them to the menu this past week.  SO happy I did.  Oh, and they were so good, we had 'em twice :)
Go ahead, be jealous.  

(That's not neon yellow cheese you see there, it's a roasted yellow bell pepper.  I mean, really.  Give me some credit.)