Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Bad Television and Puppy Love

You will judge me for what you're about to read.  And you should.

I'm addicted to the worst show on television.  I mean, the absolute worst.  It's wretched.  Bad storylines, even worse acting...'tis bad.  Not even Molly Ringwald (she plays the mom) can save it - though nobody ever accused her of being a good actress.  It's The Secret Life of the American Teenager.

Having my ass glued to the couch during Ez's naps lately has caused me to revisit my old pal Netflix.  For some reason, it decided that I'd like this show, so I gave it a shot.  I almost couldn't watch the first episode -- it was that awful.  But then it happened.  I got hooked.  I'm saying all of this because if you ever find yourself needing to watch something that is a cross between a trainwreck and a really bad afterschool special, this will cure what ails you.

Phew.  I feel better getting that off my chest.

People are always asking how Ezra and the dogs get along.  From the very beginning, the dogs have been pretty nonchalant about having Little Man around.  Sure, they'd come up, sniff him or occasionally lick him.  For the most part, I think they were really just pissed that they weren't getting 100% of the attention anymore.

The past couple months, Ezra has been focusing more and more on the dogs.  Especially Lucy.  Maybe it's because she's small and usually on the couch.  Maybe it's because she likes to hang out with him on his activity mat (I think she likes the drool and spit up smells).  Either way, he's begun lunging at her, grabbing her ears, squeezing her, yanking her fur out (by way of his gorilla-strength grip, of course), etc...and it's hilarious.  He does it to Brodie, too, but just not as often.  Both dogs seem to be happy to have the attention from him, so neither seems to care much.

Here's a few shots of Ez and Brodie from the other night.

Oh, hey.  That ear looks good, I think I'll try a little bit...

 You wanna snuggle?  I wanna snuggle.  Let's snuggle.

Please.  Get.  The.  Kid.  Off.  Ma.  Ear.  Now.  GethimoffnowbeforeIfreakout!