Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Apples & Ezras

Guess who likes apples??

Blended up with some of Ezra's favorite beverage, the kid seems to enjoy it!  He likes to guide the spoon to his mouth himself, which leads to a lot of apple all over him, in his hands, etc - but since this is really just for fun anyway, I'm all for him learning :)

He's also started to scoot backwards...on his belly.  Not quite the reverse-crawl, as he's still not up on his knees.  Just kind of a new way to get to something he wants.  It goes well with the belly-spin, which he's had mastered for awhile now.

Today he rolled and spun himself over to Brodie, who was sitting next to Jordan wagging his tail on the ground.  Ez wanted some of that awesomely furry tail, so he took his little tushy right over and had a ball trying to catch it as Brodie tried his hardest to wag it away from Ez.  Yeah, good luck with that.  One day, they'll be best friends.  Until then, I think it's Ez's mission in life to terrorize them with his gorilla-like grip ;-)  Oh, and laugh hysterically at them when they play.

Here's a couple pics of Mini-Man from the past couple days.

Frank, it was ON the cart-path.  Why don't you try reading the rules, shankapotomous.  (Remember that E*trade commercial with the baby and his investor-friend, Frank?  No?  Well here's the link so you know what I'm talking about.)

Here's evidence that Ez has the fastest hands in the west...

And once again, Happy-Scream-Time!

Then it was time to read eat a book.

And here he is after he fell over and had no desire to get up.  At least he was surrounded by a hundred of his most favorite toys.

And this is something that you may find gross.  I thought it was pretty cool, hence the pictures.

Up close, it's even cooler.

I went to use some bell peppers I'd stored in the fridge 2 days ago.  Turns out, I didn't properly seal the lid to the pyrex and some icy, spiky, awesome mold grew on them.  Seriously, it was really pretty - so I took a couple quick pics before I tossed them.