Friday, April 15, 2011


It was 3:30 and I had nothing planned for dinner.  Hell, I hadn't even given it a thought until just then.  Jordan had the car and I was not in the mood to hoof it 1.5 miles each way with Ez to the grocery store.

I went to TastyKitchen and the first Featured Recipe was this Santa Fe Corn Chowder.  I checked the ingredients and I had everything.  Right down to the giant bag of organic frozen sweet corn in my freezer.  Yeah, it was a good price at Costco.  Shut up.

So I made it.  It was about the fastest soup I've ever made.  And it was really great.  I used vegetable broth, obviously, and cayenne pepper instead of chili powder.  Remember when I said I had all the ingredients?  I forgot about that one.  Turned out awesome with the cayenne.  Do it.

I mentioned at some point that we'd mostly settled on Grandma El's Diaper Cream as our (re: Ezra's) butt cream.  Then I found CJ's BUTTter.  I love this.  It has no petroleum in it, which is nasty stuff & I have a hard time understanding why it's even used anymore.  It's soft and smooth and awesome for his sensitive little tush.  I got him the unscented, obviously, but I'm thinking of getting myself one of the scented ones -- because they sound so great and I've been using this stuff on my own hands/elbows/etc.  So, if you're in the market for something like this, give it a shot.

Here's Mister Man today.  He's been fighting sleep for the past few days, so this face on that I've come to see a lot.

But eventually, he succumbed to the power of milk & snuggles.