Friday, April 8, 2011

Quick Pics

I've got a random selection of pictures that have accumulated this week.  I've been blog-lazy.  

Really, I've been trying to tackle some much needed deep-cleaning around the house, so I've had little time to do much of anything.  And lets be honest, I take full advantage of happy-Ezra time for some serious play & fun time :)

Ez has an obsession with grabbing at the camera lately...

And also grabbing at Lucy.  Man, he loves this dog.

Don't let the look on Lucy's face fool you.  She keeps coming back for more.  She seems to really like it.
Aaaand he's taken to trying to taste the chihuahua.  Seriously, he just lunges, mouth agape, at her.  Sometimes he's going for a particular part - like her ear, here - but other times, it's just an all-out, generalized attack at her body :)

If you look really close, you can see his first 2 teeth!

Some days were just made for lounging.

This kid knows how to relax.

And I just thought this one looked cute in black & white.