Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Hop on Pop

Here's a video of Jordan and Ez from the other day.  Ez was starting to get a little fussy & I was thisclose to  being done making Jordan was charged with making the kid happy.  And he succeeded :)  Oh, and I'm going to try to not take video in the vertical anymore.  I keep forgetting that I can't flip it.  Forgive me.

I made Pioneer Woman's Vegetable Lasagna 2 days ago.  It's awesome.  It's actually still awesome, as we are still eating leftovers today.

I know, it's just lasagna.  But for veggie lasagna, it's super-good.  Every other time I've made it (using other recipes...or no recipe at all, mostly), it's been really soupy/watery.  This one was perfect.  I could've actually used more sauce, that is, if my casserole dish could've handled it.  

To conclude - it's delicious & you should make it.